Monday, 19 October 2015

Joe & Seph's Cheese on Toast Popcorn

Another totally weird popcorn flavour from Joe & Seph (established 2010).

I bought this to try because I thought the flavour was Cheese on Toast. And I thought why not? But. It turns out that the flavour is actually caramel popcorn coated in toasted cheddar.

Really? Don't you think it is a bit odd to add toasted cheese to caramel? I do.

"The finest air popped corn coated in toasted cheddar with a sweet topping and a savoury seasoning. Deliciously tangy and crunchy like Cheese on Toast." Says the packaging.

The aroma is definitely cooked cheese. Fondu perhaps, maybe even raclette. But I'm really not sure these two flavours work well together. The reluctant taste testers and the Chef weren't madly impressed either.

The dutch taste tester ate more of these than anyone. Said she was used to fermented Norwegian cheese. At least, I think that's what she said.

The packaging is once again of an extremely high quality. We could do with thick plastic bags that clip shut securely for some of the larger packets of crisps. Not to mention pasta, rice, dried fruits....


  1. maybe not so unique but it does sound yummy!!!!!

    1. Rather you than me I'm afraid. But you can buy this popcorn mail order so why not give it a try?


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