Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Walkers "Bring Me Back!" Barbecue

This is the final flavour from the Walkers "Bring Me Back!" campaign that the reluctant taste testers and I have tried.

Not liking barbecue flavour much I wasn't expecting to like this packet of crisps. But they aren't too bad. A little bit barbecue flavoured, with (I thought) a sort of tomatoey herby back taste. Despite there being no tomatoes in the list of ingredients and any possible herbiness disguised in the list as "flavourings".

I always find it a bit suspect when the ingredients list includes the words ...seasoning contains flavourings... One does rather wonder what Walkers don't want to tell us.

So the taste isn't bad, the crunch is as good as always, the crisps quite a dark golden colour, but the aroma! Do yourself a favour and don't sniff this packet of crisps before tucking in. It's just a smell of smoke and really not very alluring.

And once again the packaging is brown. Even browner than the "Bring Me Back!" Beef & Onion packaging. Is it just me or does brown packaging seem more likely to appeal to a man than a woman?

I wonder. Has any survey been carried out to see how the colour of a crisp packet might affect the way a man or woman chooses (or indeed likes) that flavour? If not I know someone who has carried out research on gender choices in pillowcase design and might be able to assist. I like plain white for myself.

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