Thursday, 8 October 2015

M&S Monterey Jack & Chutney Pitta Chips

Marks & Spencer seem determined to run with pitta chips which I'm not mad for. The texture is all wrong and much too crunchy. And I get the feeling that the taste is all on the shiny top of the chip, and not on the rough bottom.

And why they have chosen Monterey Jack as the cheese part of the flavour is a total mystery. As far as I know this is a cheese from the United States. And not normally marketed in Europe. Or not in the cheese sections of my local shops.

Crunchy baked bites made from authentic pitta bread with roasted onion pieces says the packet. And on the back it says Monterey Jack cheese and apple chutney flavour pitta chips with roasted onion pieces. Mind you, the packet also says Motel. Let's hope these pitta chips don't taste of motels.

But there's no apple on the list of ingredients (or chutney either), and I'm not sure where the dried roasted onion (1%) comes in. Maybe that's what the odd brown spots on some of the chips are? It's all a bit of a mystery.

As for the Calcium Carbonate in the list of ingredients... CaCO3 is limestone, limescale, chalk, and a major ingredient of paint and antacid tablets. So why is it included in this crispy snack recipe? Seriously, don't look to me for an answer because I have no clue. I think it's probably a preservative but it does seem odd. Don't read about the effects of too much CaCO3 because you might be alarmed, but I doubt this packet of pitta chips will cause you to suffer health problems.

The taste I like. Very tasty. The cheesy, oniony, cinnamony taste is pretty good. But the texture is way too hard until the packet has been open at least 24 hours. And leaving your food lying around for 24 hours probably isn't ideal. So basically I'd lick the taste off, and throw the chips away.

Not the best review in the world. I don't think the reluctant taste testers are mad for pitta chips either.

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