Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Walkers "I'm Back!" Marmite

Well now, one of the crisp flavours in the "Bring Me Back!" multipack bags is this one. Which seems to have been brought back already.

I wonder if Walkers are bringing back Marmite flavour crisps for good, or whether this "I'm Back!" bag is to encourage voting on the other flavours - and buying of more packets of crisps?

I liked this crisp very much. I thought the Marmite taste was pretty good (they are actually made with Marmite) and I like the nice dark marmitey colour of the crisps. A success.

Even the non-Marmite eaters amongst the reluctant taste testers were prepared to try. The history graduate taste tester said maybe he was paving the way to trying the real thing. But dutch taste tester said she thought that noble friend was right when she described the taste as Oxo cube. Hmmn...

Of the "Bring Me Back!" flavours I've tried so far this is the one I would vote for. But it seems that Walkers have already brought it back. I guess we'll see how long it lasts.

Last week it was wonderfully sunny. Here's the lovely shadow of our white climbing rose on the dining room wall.

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