Saturday, 10 October 2015

Nando's Peri-Peri Grooves Spicey Chicken & Smokey BBQ

The senior taste tester brought in two crisp packets. He tells me that he tried both flavours and he liked them quite a lot.

I've never been to Nando's and indeed I had paid so little attention that I didn't realise these South African chicken restaurants (with a Portuguese/Mozambican theme - or should that be the other way around?) were so ubiquitous. There seem to be branches all over the place, at least in London. So why haven't I been? Possibly because professor friend with children used to complain dreadfully how often she was compelled to take hers (apparently they regularly clamoured for Nando's chicken so loudly she gave in just for the sake of peace) so I sort of got the impression that you needed a child to eat at Nando's - although I'm sure that's not really the case. Or could it just be that I'm not mad for spicy food? Seeing that almost everything on the menu appears to be flavoured with peri-peri it is, perhaps, a restaurant chain not aimed at my tastes.

Anyway, history graduate taste tester tells me that I can buy Nando's sauces and stuff in some supermarkets. So the Chef and I could give the taste a try in the privacy of our own home if we feel like it.

However, enough of this. Senior taste tester recommends these crisps. I'm not sure I fancy the Smokey BBQ (you know I don't usually like BBQ flavour) but the Spicy Chicken might be interesting.

Some of the taste testers have suggested I shouldn't post crisps if I haven't tried them myself. But I say why not? The senior taste tester has tried and approved these crisps. There is no more to say. No doubt if I happen try try either of these flavours in the future, I will post an update.

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