Friday, 16 October 2015

Zweifel Spicy Tomato Original Chips

I know I have written about this before, but once upon a time before I knew the Chef and his family, Swiss crisp giant Zweifel used to make a tomato flavour crisp. It was with joy in their hearts at the thought of the skiing or snow boarding to come that the family set off for Switzerland each year, but they also very much looked forward to the tomato flavour crisps.

I never tried the tomato crisp because Zweifel stopped making it before I had the chance. Something that happens all too often when you really enjoy something or find it just exactly what you need. But the Chef has not forgotten so he was fairly excited to find a new crisp flavour from Zweifel: Spicy Tomato.

As chance would have it the Chef's family; the Family Vegetarian and her husband the Graffiti Artist, and her brother the Ski Instructor were due in town for their cousin's wedding so this packet of crisps was saved for their visit. And when they arrived a taste testing took place.

The family ate most of this packet. I got one crisp. And I understand (the Chef reports that) they felt that although these crisps are certainly very spicy, the underlying flavour is indeed the original tomato crisp.

Having tried just the one I thought this was a very spicy crisp. Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to taste past the spiciness. I did save a tiny half-handful of crisps at the bottom of the bag so I could sit down privately and think about the taste, but the Chef thought I had abandoned them and finished the packet himself. I was rather cross about that.

So maybe I will have the chance to try this flavour again. Next year perhaps. In the meantime, I can report that the Chef and his family finished this 170g packet without any difficulty.

So I guess they liked them.

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