Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Lays Saveur Cheeseburger

You might guess that it was trying a packet of cheeseburger flavoured crisps that set me off writing a blog. You'd be wrong of course but it would be a good guess. No, I started to write this blog because I met the writer of News from Nowhere at a wedding celebration (no actual wedding but plenty of celebration) and he encouraged me to write about trees; which is what I really wanted to do.

But somehow a packet of Lay's Max Craquantes Saveur Cheeseburger grabbed my attention and on a nasty rainy day in Switzerland I wrote my first post. They were great crisps. They were crinkle cut. And very cheeseburgery.

You might say that cheeseburger flavoured crisps changed the course of my life. It's always the little things isn't it? Because the Chef, and the reluctant taste testers and I try loads of different crispy snacks, and I write about them, and you lot out there in India and Brasil, Australia and Malta, Poland and even St Helena read what we think. Amazing eh?

Anyway, I knew that Lay's produced a flat crisp version of the cheeseburger flavour and I'd been wanting to try it for ages. So naturally when I saw a packet I snatched it up.

Erm... what shall I say? Well, the reluctant taste testers liked these crisps quite a lot and ate two bowlsful. I... I was disappointed. I thought the flavour was almost all about the gherkin and the mustard and really not much about the cheeseburger.

If this flavour had been called something else I'd probably have said, yes, this is an OK flavour. Not a bad crisp at all. But Lay's called it cheeseburger. And I don't think it is. Or not any cheeseburger I ever ate. And I do love cheeseburgers.

Extra disappointing is that this flavour is endorsed by Belgian burger chain Quick, which is big in France. I've never seen a Quick (at least I don't think I have) so I've never tried one of their burgers. But do their cheeseburgers really taste like this?

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