Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps Lancashire Sauce

I knew about Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps from tech taste tester who took a packet up one of the hills in the Lake District as part of his picnic lunch. He highly recommended these crisps and I was wondering how to get hold of a packet.

And fancy that, noble friend went to Selfridges Food Hall (of course she did, because you know how she gets about) and found a packet there. In fact, it seems she spotted several flavours, but sensibly only bought the one. After all, we might not have liked them. And if I want more of these crisps I can take the 82 bus down to Selfridges and buy some more crisps myself.

So the fascinating thing is that the flavour of these Lancashire Crisps is Lancashire Sauce. I have never been to Lancashire but I read that Lancashire Sauce is a big thing. Entwistle's Lancashire Sauce is the thing; Grandma Entwistle's Genuine & Original Lancashire Sauce. Which I have neither seen nor tried. Probably on account of having spent very limited time in the North of England. And none at all in Lancashire.

However, it looks to me as though this crisp is Lancashire Sauce flavour. Not flavoured with Lancashire Sauce. A nice distinction. I may be wrong of course.

Handsome looking crisps, a little thicker cut than normal I think, and therefore a slightly harder crunch. And the taste is... kind of curry. Sort of. A little bit too much curry for me, but the spicy taste (garlic, onion, cumin, pepper, coriander, lemon juice and "natural flavours") is quite pleasant.

This wasn't a large packet of crisps and the bowlful was reduced to a few crumbs of crisp by the time the tall taste tester woke up to today's crisp opportunity.

I see this flavour won a Great Taste Gold award in 2012. I'm not sure we would have gone so far as that; we were not totally thrilled with today's flavour. However, I feel a trip on the 82 bus may be in order; a test of other flavours beckons.

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