Thursday, 22 October 2015

Kent Crisps Roast Beef & Spitfire Ale

The tall taste tester found this packet of crisps in his local Budgens.

The first time I went to our local Budgens I was very impressed at the interesting and unusual variety of crisps. Next time I went, only a few weeks later, the unusual crisps had all vanished so I didn't go back. Perhaps I should.

Because here is a packet of Kent Crisps, such as I found on the ferry from France and we rather enjoyed.

The packaging tells me that Shepherd Neame, which produces Spitfire Ale (made with Kentish hops of course), is Britain's oldest brewer. It also tells me that the flavour of this Ale gives the perfect zesty punch to the roast beef flavour.

I'm not so sure. As tech taste tester put it, he'd rather had a pint of ale with a packet of beefy crisps. For myself I think I'd sooner have a plate of roast beef with a pint of ale... or a pint of white wine. Sorry! I mean a glass of wine.

Good quality hand cooked crisps, a good crunch and rather dark coloured flavour dust. Not a bad crisp at all. But we weren't sure that the ale added to the flavour, and we found the beef flavour only appears right at the end of your mouthful. Not a resounding success with the taste testers. And the Chef said the crispy part is OK, it's the taste part that's not so clever.

But another flavour from Kent Crisps might be brilliant. So we'll see what we can find.

In the meantime, I applaud Kent Crisps because the packaging design for these crisps is wonderful. Of course this flavour is illustrated with a spitfire (an RAF plane famed for taking part in the Battle of Britain in WWII) flying over the Kentish coast. Brilliant.


  1. I remember when I was young having a habit of dipping my crisps (back in those days there were just plain crisps about) into my pint of beer. The crisps went soggy, of course, but some of the salt went into the beer which made you even more thirsty so you drank even more. That's what is called a virtuous circle I think.

    1. I might have known you'd have something to say about these crisps Alan!

  2. Hah - Spitfire Ale is wonderful. Not so sure about the crisps (sorry!). But Alan has reminded me that when I was young and with even less taste than I have now, I used to put peanuts in my beer. On a completely different topic, perhaps you should put a link to your blog on your Google+ profile?

    1. I don't drink beer much but I'm sure Spitfire Ale is good. It certainly sounds as though it should be. Yes, the crisps were disappointing but you won't know if you don't try.
      I will try and learn how to add a link. I'm not very good with Google+ and find any instructions I've read quite hard to comprehend. Must try harder in future.


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