Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cathedral City Baked Bites

I read all over the place that Cathedral City is the nation's favourite cheese brand. That may be, but as a (sort of) statistic it's a bit vague and doesn't take into consideration people like me and the Chef who just buy Cheddar cheese. Lots of shops simply sell Cheddar and that suits us just fine.

But I thought we ought to try this little 35g bag of Baked Bites. It's a little baked cheesy biscuit. An oval, slightly sturdier, slightly thicker version of a mini Cheddar. With a fetching Cathedral City logo stamped on the top.

And they are pretty tasty. The recipe has 20% Cathedral City Cheddar cheese. At least, I suppose the Cheddar is Cathedral City - the packaging doesn't actually say so.

And? Not bad. The packet I had seemed to have a lot of breakages but I must confess that the bag has been exported to Switzerland from Kent and then brought home to North London. But anyway, breakages don't affect the taste. or the crunchiness.

Tasty, cheesy, crunchy biscuity bites.

These biscuits are baked by Burtons Biscuit Co using (presumably) Cathedral City Cheddar cheese which is manufactured by Dairy Crest Ltd.

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