Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Joe & Seph's Crisp Gin & Tonic Popcorn

In order to celebrate the joint birthdays (same day, slightly different year) of noble friend and the tall elegant taste tester, I thought I'd provide a treat. Much anticipated by some, Joe & Seph's Gin & Tonic flavour popcorn had been sitting in my basket of crispy snacks. Waiting for a suitable opportunity.

Oh dear. What a disappointment.

Joe & Seph describe this as "the finest air popped corn coated with our classic caramel, infused with 5% gin & 5% tonic".

I am sorry to have to report that none of us liked it.

Popcorn should be light and airy. OK, I understand that caramel coated corn is chewier than your basic butter or salted popcorn, but this was soggy and soft. I checked the packaging and I'm pretty sure no air was getting in, and the sell by date is next year. So there can be no excuse for sogginess. Unless that's what you get when you add gin to the recipe.

There is a faint taste of juniper or quinine or possibly both, but really and truly the reluctant taste testers and I felt this product doesn't really work.

It smells a bit weird too; it gets right into your sinuses.

Sorry Joe & Seph; we were not impressed.

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