Monday, 20 July 2015

Tyrrell's Sea Salt & Black Pepper Hand Cooked English Crisps

This packet of classic flavour Sea Salt & Black Pepper crisps was bought by the Chef. Not to taste test, but actually to eat. At a committee meeting.

Luckily, I noticed that although I had tried this flavour in the past, I hadn't got around to writing about it. So I rushed some of the crisps into a bowl for a photo opportunity before they all got eaten up.

What a great crisp this is. Sea Salt & Black Pepper is a very strong flavour, but it's a simple flavour; not too complicated. And because it's not too complicated, it's a flavour to go back to again and again. Tyrrell's call it a time-honoured marriage: sea salt and that most cracking of spices.

Very nice.

And what handsome packaging. I love the black and white bag with the rich red typeface and pepper pot! It's great.

These crisps are made with the finest Herefordshire potatoes, complete with jackets, hand-cooked on the farm in small batches and spun to achieve our signature crunch says the packet. No artificial ingredients, free from gluten, suitable for vegans. And there's a great taste gold award 2014.

We have since tried it again with a guacamole dip. Very nice indeed.
And here's the previous packaging. Pre-blog we had a packet with our picnic by the glacier up past the Lac de Moiry above Grimentz. As I went to the trouble of photographing the packet it seems a shame t waste the picture.

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