Friday, 17 July 2015

Ten Acre Captain Theodore's Lime & Sea Salt Popcorn

Noble friend announced that she'd spotted a new range of popcorn in the local kosher supermarket. When she went out to pick up some supplies for the office today, she took the time to buy a couple of the more unusual flavours.

So for our delectation and delight this morning the reluctant taste testers and I tried the amazing Lime & Sea Salt flavour from Captain Theodore. What an amazing flavour! Wow. We crunched in stunned... amazement at this limey, salty, sweet (in that order) tastiness.

And there's a pinch of parsley too. One of our five a day perhaps?

This popcorn really does have a great big flavour. Pretty much everyone really enjoyed this popcorn saving only tech taste tester, who doesn't like lime. Which is fair enough. I'm not really mad for lime myself; it tastes a bit blue for me and I don't like blue. But I do absolutely agree that the lime taste shines through in this Ten Acre popcorn.

Less than 80 calories per serving (probably a good thing but I'm never at all sure how big a serving should be), this 28g packet of popcorn is gluten free, dairy free, and MSG free. This tasty snack is HFA approved, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and parev.

It all sounds a jolly good thing and suitable for everybody to enjoy but I do worry that this popcorn is very sweet and could contain a lot more sugar than you think. In fact, reading the back the packet tells me there are 2g of salt per 100g (reasonable considering the flavour is Lime & Sea Salt), but 27.8g of sugar. That really is sugary.

Oh, and the packaging tells me that a serving is 14g. Which is about ½ an ounce; a tiny amount. However, perhaps not a bad thing that we divided this bag between 9 taste testers.

Regular readers may remember that I've had a bit of a grump several times recently about crisps aimed solely at men. May I venture to suggest that this popcorn is aimed squarely at female shoppers?

Of course there is nothing whatever the prevent a man from rushing out and buying his favourite Lime & Sea Salt popcorn, but somehow this very pretty bright green packaging depicting a handsome "popcorn orchard" with fancy gold trim does appear to have been designed to appeal to women rather than men.

And now I know you are all asking who on earth is Captain Theodore? Well, it turns out that Ten Acre not only makes an interesting selection of popcorn, and we already know they make crisps, but they also have an online village where you can look at... drawings of houses in Ten Acre village in one of which Captain Theodore may live. Maybe. So that doesn't answer your question does it? Perhaps if I get my act together in order to follow Ten Acre on twitter I will learn more?

Incredibly tasty popcorn and really quite unusual.
Sadly I don't think the gold detailing in the packet shows up in the scan. It highlights all the popcorn and somehow creates a Japanese effect.

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