Thursday, 16 July 2015

Maarud Potetgull Holiday Creamy Paprika & Onion

Now I hope I'm going to get my information right here, because I'm a bit dim about Norwegian. I don't know a single word (don't think I've even seen a Norwegian TV show) so there's plenty of opportunity to get things wrong.

This little packet of crisps from Norwegian brand Maarud was kindly donated to the taste testers and me by the Vinyl Collector (Dutch taste tester's husband). Who in a frightfully jet set fashion was playing with his band at a festival in Norway the other day. And thoughtfully visited the Rema 1000 supermarket in Ørsta to purchase some crisps. As I said, he very kindly donated this packet, but I understand that several other flavours were also obtained for home consumption.

Maarud seem to sell a selection of different crispy snacks; quite apart from anything else their flavours seem to include salt, classic salt, rock salt and retro salt! That's a very intriguing selection of salty flavours. Here's a short history of the company. And after a considerable struggle in the online research department, here's what I think is going on. Maybe.

This is a packet of potato crisps, with (by the look of things) the skin left on. Nice taste although a little bit earthy. Lovely crunch. And the advertised taste is Creamy Paprika & Onion. Which is fine.

And then the packet shown on the website (not the packet I actually have here) has a promotional strap showing the crisps with added Holiday dip. I think. And yes, the packaging text (run through the ever helpful google translate) reminds me to enjoy the crisps along with Dipmix Holiday for extra juiciness and lots of flavour. Yum! 

Holiday is a spicy dip mix with a mild taste of peppers and onion that you stir into sour cream (I finally found details on a website determined to sell me Swedish food). The picture on the Dipmix Holiday packet shows green peppers and red onions. So the crisps are called Holiday but we are encouraged to add a dip called Holiday.

Reading about Holiday Dipmix reminds me we used to buy packets of mixed herbs and dried onions and garlic and stuff to stir into sour cream or plain yoghourt. Ages ago. I haven't seen this kind of dip mix in the UK for years but it was rather good. This was the olden days, you understand, when you couldn't just run out to the supermarket for a tub of dip. On the other hand... I bet it wouldn't be that hard to make your own mix.

Confusingly although I think I detect a taste of green peppers in these crisps... there isn't any green pepper on the list of ingredients. But think paprika, sour cream, onion and green peppers for the taste. It's a nice crisp and certainly I'd try other flavours if I ever happened to be in Norway.

Vårt beste potetgull noensinne says the packaging - voted the best chips in human history ever! says google translate. Who did they ask I wonder? Oh, don't misunderstand me. This is a fine crisp. But best in human history ever? Or is that just google translate going a little bit mad?

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