Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Joe & Seph's Thai Style Peanut Satay Popcorn "Limited Edition"

I went to sit down at my desk this morning and at once spotted that the crispy snack fairy had made a donation. Yes, noble friend had been out and about and discovered a new kind of popcorn. She has a genius for finding new and exotic crispy snacks.

She says she went to a Japanese restaurant and was going to buy the Wasabi flavour popcorn but changed her mind and took home the Award Winning Peanut Satay flavour instead. Because it was different. And different it certainly is.

Joe & Seph's popcorn comes in a very efficient resealable 32g pouch. I was very impressed because resealable packets often don't. Don't reseal at all. The pouch is clear at the front - so you can see the popcorn - and silver at the back - I suppose so you have a proper backing to show the popcorn to its best advantage. And the label is cardboard.

I read that Joe and Seph make their popcorn in London. A team of pastry chefs make over 40 different flavours. Really? Amazing: they really do make a vast selection of flavours. Some of them even more bonkers-sounding than Thai Style Peanut Satay!

But bonkers is always fun to try, so the reluctant taste testers bravely attempted this crazy flavour, and some of them liked it rather a lot. Sadly I didn't like it much. I didn't think there was nearly enough peanut to make it properly satay, and then there was far too much coconut (which I don't like at all). But this didn't seem to bother the others, but especially the Dutch taste tester.

And noble friend said if there was a bowlful she would probably sit there happily and eat the lot.

I took a half handful home for the Chef to try and he seemed to quite like it too. But then, I know he's a fan of coconut. Enjoy the creamy nutty taste of peanuts and coconut milk, says the website, followed by a blend of oriental spices.

A very interesting introduction to a new (for us) maker of popcorn. And the promise, perhaps, of more exciting flavours to come.

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