Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Benugo Sweet & Salted Popcorn

A simple bag of popcorn and a simple flavour. And very nice too.

This Sweet & Salted flavour popcorn from Benugo combines quite a lot of rather plain, slightly salted corn puffs with rather fewer very sweet sugary kernels. It's a gentle combination that sneaks up on you. And, oh dear, you end up eating a bit more than you intended.

Lucky thing there's only 26g in this packet.

Benugo has a number of shops and cafés mostly in London but also in places like Luton Airport and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Where I bought this packet of popcorn. I had a great sausage inna bun at Luton Airport a couple of years ago. Delicious.

And they have their own brand of popcorn. Which, going around in a great big popcorn-shaped circle, we have here.

Not bad at all. Although quite a lot of the kernels are disappointingly small they still taste good.
And here are some photographs of the wonderful Tree Keep at Wysing Arts near Cambridge. It was built by the artist Ben Wilson who is now internationally known for his paintings on chewing gum. You can see other works by Ben Wilson here.

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