Friday, 31 July 2015

Manomasa Manchego & Green Olive Tortillas with Spirit

Another donation from another crispy snack fairy. I gather these tortilla-style strips of tastiness came from a large branch of Waitrose. Interesting. I've not seen this brand of crisps before.

Although this is labelled RECIPE No: 15, Manomosa make only six different kinds of tortilla type crispy snacks in 5 different shapes. The company is based in the North East of England. Which I would never have suspected was a hotbed of tortilla manufacturing. But it just shows you never know.

I think the strip-shape tortilla we have here is probably the most fragile of the Manomosa shapes. The packet says SHAPE: a STRIP of tortilla chip that's made for gripping and dipping but rectangular crisps seem to break very readily; although the crispy snack fairy did admit to dropping the packet. So it might be her fault.

But of course broken crisps do not affect the taste. Which is really rather tasty and went down well with the reluctant taste testers; they ate two bowlsful. TASTE: juicy green olives and sweet, mild PIMIENTO are the perfect compliment to tangy MANCHEGO CHEESE, making this an irresistible Iberian delight. Well, the taste testers were pretty impressed. Nice texture, good bite, hearty crunch as demonstrated by the Dutch taste tester (she does this so much better than I do), and lots of favour dust.

Very cheesy and a tasty, fruity, probably olive after taste. Very nice.

Manomosa suggest this would work very well as part of a TAPAS spread, perhaps to dip into a creamy sauce such as AIOLI.

I don't know. They worked pretty well for us in the kitchen at work next to the coffee machine and the toaster. And I think we'd be very pleased to try one of the other flavours/shapes Manomosa make in Gateshead.

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