Wednesday, 15 July 2015

M&S Salt Marsh Lamb & Mint Hand Cooked Crisps

Another new crisp flavour from the Marks & Spencer crisp development department.

Salt marsh lamb is raised on land regularly covered by the sea. At least twice a year. And there are suppliers based on Morecambe Bay in Cumbria & Lancashire, on the Gower Peninsular in South Wales, and on Romney Marsh (East Sussex and Kent). And the meat is not salty as you might expect, but sweeter than ordinary lamb, and denser too (I read). Fans of salt marsh lamb claim it is far superior to the ordinary everyday grown in a field or on the hill style lamb.

I am not sure you can taste the difference here. I am not at all sure you can detect actual lamb, never mind salt marsh lamb. Although the list of ingredients tells me it really is there.

And lamb is, of course, traditionally served with mint. Many people like mint sauce. I prefer mint jelly. But either way, there's a hint of mint as you crunch through a mouthful of crisp. I also like rosemary jelly with my lamb and there's rosemary here too but I can't really detect it.

Nonetheless, this is a tasty crisp. With a great crunch and a fairly tasty flavour although perhaps a little greasy. That'll be the lamb fat I expect. Probably.

Yes, this is quite a tasty crisp. I'm just not at all sure what it tastes of. The Chef says he doesn't really know what these crisps taste of either. But he seems happy to graze on a bowlful. The reluctant taste testers had similar reservations. Not really sure about the flavour. But a bowlful was happily eaten.

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