Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tyrrell's Hand Cooked English Crisps Summer Butter & Mint

Dear friend the teaching taste tester came for supper with the Chef and me and asked what she should bring? Interesting crisps of course I said. So generously she brought three packets of crisps and here's one of them.

Butter & Mint flavour crisps? Sounds weird eh? Well, Tyrrell's are usually good at unusual flavours, and they also seem keen to produce limited edition seasonal crisps. There's even a button on the Tyrrell's website where you can suggest new flavours. I wonder....

Anyway, after supper we quickly opened this packet and tried it out. Legal adviser and the senior taste tester (plus dog) had come to supper too so we all (including dog) tried a crisp.

Sounds a weird crisp flavour. Tastes weird too. Definitely weird.

The crisps have a faintly citrus aroma which is not unpleasant. Mostly they're smallish with a lot of herby flavour dust and a good crunch. They look really tasty. And you can quite clearly taste the butter; it has the same kind of breathy feel on the palate as crisps flavoured with sour cream only I'm not at all sure it works as well as sour cream.

Then there's the mint. We weren't really sure about the mint at all. In fact two of us felt the taste was peas. Perhaps it's an association of flavours because after all, it's traditional to cook peas with mint.

These are Lady Valora potatoes grown in Herefordshire. There are no artificial ingredients, no gluten, and the crisps are suitable for vegetarians. Summer butter & mint says the packaging, the finest spuds, a dab of butter, a snippet of mint - summer's holy trinity.

It is quite a fresh flavour, and so suitable for a summer snack. But is is a very unusual flavour for a crisp and I think perhaps (very sorry Tyrrelll's) we found it a little too unusual.

But these are definitely worth a try if you can track down a packet because it might just be us. You might find them the best crisps ever.

Lovely packaging design though.

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