Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Inspiral Crispy Beetroot & Acerola Kale Chips

Right then. Another exotic contribution from noble friend.

These kale chips are (wait for it) organic, natural, gluten free, vegan, packaged in cutting edge compostable & biodegradable eco material (can be composted at home says the packet), and produced using 100% renewable electricity.

Wow! You can't get much healthier or eco-friendly than that. Amazing!!

Here we have air-dried green kale leaves coated in a pink beetroot and zingy acerola cherry crunchy seed sauce. Inspiral uses gourmet flavours, nutritional research and respect for our planet. Our air-dried Kale Chips are a delicious alternative to the usual deep fried snacks. Combining only natural and organic ingredients they're gently dehydrated using low heat. The Beetroot variety weaves the zinginess of acerola cherry with the deep flavour of nutritional yeast. Says the packet.

I really really like the sound of this company. They have all the right ideas and I salute them for trying hard to provide a healthy snack for me and the reluctant taste testers.

But oh dear. This product is like pot pourri made with dark red roses. It really doesn't taste very good. I am sorry but I thought it tasted of bread. And not very good bread at that. It must be the yeast I suppose. I would love to say I liked it. But I didn't. We didn't. We didn't even half finish this 30g packet.

And what is it with kale chips anyway? Why can't we just eat kale in a cabbagey kind of a way? Kale chips always fall to bits and you end off with a pile of weird looking crumbs.
Totally mad changes suggested by my really annoying computer: The Beetroot variety weaves the zinnias of accrual cherry with the deep flavour of nutritional yeast. Yup. Obviously this crispy snack contains zinnias!


  1. I do agree that I don't understand the global desire to make kale into chips. Let's just eat a salad, shall we? haha. Good for you for trying them out, though. Have to say they look like compost! lol....

    1. Compost? Pot Pourri? Just not really as crispy snack.
      It's a shame though, because these people obviously mean so well.
      And they make another kale crisp with baobab!!

  2. Give me a decent bag of Walkers Salt 'n Vinegar any day. Is there no end to the variety of crisps available in this world. Have you ever paused to tot-up the number you have sampled so far?

  3. No end at all I think. And yes, over 300 now.


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