Saturday 25 July 2015

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Sea Salt

OK, so I often wait for a bus just by a local deli and in the window I spotted these tortilla chips. But by the time I catch a bus the deli is already closed so I had to remember to go in at lunchtime. It took a while.

These tortilla chips are gluten free, all natural and GMO free (verified), corn free, suitable for vegans, oh, and parve. Free of the 8 most common food allergens. And they have an award winning taste says the packet.

Beanfields is a family run firm (the Glidden family) that believes beans are good for our families, good for our farmers, and good for the planet. And these chips contain black beans and navy beans. Plus long grain rice. And that's it. Apart from oil for cooking and some sea salt.

So basically Beanfields has put a lot of effort into creating what looks like a tortilla chip but contains no maize. And is probably a lot better for you than a normal tortilla chip.

And it's true that they do look super healthy. Taste pretty healthy too although I honestly can't put my finger on what they actually taste of. But they are quite nice for something so healthy. Good level of saltiness too. And although the reluctant taste testers didn't nosh these down super enthusiastically, they did eat quite a lot.

The woman in the deli told me she'd been in the food business most of her life and she was searching for products that would be healthier for her customers. I think she's found one.

Here's the Beanfields website.


  1. I would love to say, "Yummy, they look really appetising". But I would be lying. But, there again, who am I - with my diet of beer and chips - to say.

  2. They don't taste as bad as you might think. Although they are a bit floury towards the end of the bite. not a bad try for a healthy snack I think.