Thursday, 30 July 2015

Eat Real Hummus Chips Sea Salt Flavour

We seem to be having a super healthy week on the crispy snack front chez the reluctant taste testers.

This was a contribution from tall elegant taste tester. As an apology for something... I'm not quite sure what.

Anyway, these shell-shaped crispy snack are made with 45% chickpea flour so I guess they have a right to describe themselves as hummus chips. Gluten free (certified by Coeliac UK), vegetarian, vegan, 48% less fat than regular potato chips. Sounds pretty good doesn't it?

But, and you just know with me that there's going to be a but, I'm not sure these hummus shells taste of very much.

I'd like to say thy had a lovely crunch (it was a bit hard in my opinion) and a nice salty taste. But to be truthful I didn't think they tasted of much. The extremely sceptical taste tester liked them; she says she likes bland tasting crispy snacks.

Most of a 45g packet (I saved a few to take home to the Chef) got eaten up quite quickly. But. But yet another crispy snack that is meant to be a healthier option, and thus better for us than your average snack, turns out to be a bit dull. I thought there was a slightly greasy after taste and the tall elegant taste tester agreed with me.

I have a feeling that with this lovely shell-shape these hummus chips would work extremely well with a nice dip. But then I daresay they would be a lot less healthy for us.


  1. Maybe dip hummus with them? Would that be redundant? lol....
    They are a cute shape....

  2. Given all the health claims they still have as many calories as normal crisps - and a touch more salt. I'm not complaining, however.

  3. Really I think it's best to eat fewer of the crisps you actually enjoy. It's daft to fret so much about heathy foods and then end off eating something that doesn't taste good.
    But the reluctant taste testers and I enjoy trying new things. One day perhaps we will find something that's truly healthy AND tastes great.


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