Thursday, 23 July 2015

M&S Prawn Cocktail Hand Cooked Crisps

As a non eater of seafood I bought these crisps because I felt I ought to try them. And because I could buy a small 40g bag. And I knew that some of the reluctant taste testers would be sure to eat or even like them even if I didn't.

But guess what? I liked this crisp a lot.

The initial aroma seems to be a bit seafoody, but aromas are often quite different to the taste. And the taste really has nothing to do with prawns. Possibly because these crisps are suitable for vegetarians and thus no prawns were harmed.

These crisps, some of them very large, have a beautiful rich colour and a lovely rich taste. As I say, it's not a seafood taste, more a sort of spicy tomato sauce with onions, pimento, paprika and cayenne pepper. And a big hint of citrus to make the taste brighter. 

Really tasty.

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