Saturday, 18 July 2015

Ten Acre Cousin Maisie's Fennel & Lemon Popcorn

Another packet of popcorn chosen by noble friend. Fennel & Lemon.

Fennel?? What kind of a flavour for a popcorn is that? Well, really and truly we have no idea but fennel does feature a lot on restaurant menus these days. It's the height of fashion. I wish it wasn't; I really dislike fennel. I've even learned to say I won't eat in in French - for use in continental restaurants (surprisingly useful). But noble friend and I decided that however disgusting an idea it sounded, we really had to try this flavour popcorn.

Well, an internationally renowned food writer has a certain responsibility to try crispy snacks even if the flavour doesn't sound very appealing. So naturally the reluctant taste testers and I tried this popcorn. And you know what? It wasn't anything like as nasty as I was expecting.

The Dutch taste tester said she really liked this popcorn. But she likes the aniseedy taste of fennel. And licorice. The tall taste tester also likes fennel and he rather liked it too. But those of us who don't like fennel... you've guessed... we didn't care for this flavour.

Mind you. You have to give Ten Acre points for trying. It's just a shame from my point of view that one of the main flavours is one of my least favourite. The sweet and salty lemon part of the flavouring works well though. Cousin Maisie (a fennel fan I'm sure) must be proud of it. Very pretty packaging too.

And because I never got around to posting any pictures of the main site at Avebury when we visited in June, here are some now. The weather wasn't as good as it might have been but that did mean the place wasn't completely mobbed and our photographs showed, for the most part, just the stones and the landscape not hoards of visitors.

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