Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cofresh Poppadum Curls Mango Chutney Flavour Lentil Snack

Another packet of crispy snacks kindly donated by the teaching taste tester. Ooh! Spicy mango chutney. Rather good.

Our Mango Chutney Poppadum Curls are a sweet & tangy lentil snack made from the finest ingredients says the packet.

Mmn, these are really tasty. And curly. And presumably lentilly too, but there's also potato starch. The flavour is made from mango powder (as advertised) but also mint, orange juice powder and lemon juice powder.

An interesting mix. And perhaps the mint and fruit are why the taste reminds me of Pimm's. We don't actually have any in the house just now (careless, I know) but it would be fun to try a bowl of these wonderfully crispy lentil curls with a great big glass of Pimm's with plenty of sliced apple, orange, lemon and cucumber. And mint. Maybe strawberries too.

I took a bottle of duty free Pimm's to the United States last time I went to stay with great friend in Buffalo. Too long ago. We struggled to find English style cucumber at the giant local supermaket but finally retired to her sofa to drink this essentially English cocktail. Actually, I'm not sure it is a cocktail but somehow all the Americans I met that visit called pretty much anything alcoholic a cocktail. Anyway, foolish me, I allowed great friend to mix the Pimm's which she made terribly terribly strong. And while we enjoyed it very much, we did suffer an awful hangover next day.

Well done Cofresh for creating this delicious crispy crunchy spicy snack. These lentil curls are wonderful. I hope that teaching taste tester has tried this snack herself. If not she better get herself down to Sainsbury in Shadwell and buy another packet. But, a note of caution; the Chef doesn't really like them much. Turns out he prefers Tyrrell's Hand Cooked Summer Butter & Mint crisps which we tried the other evening, and which I damned with very faint praise.

I've had one or two Cofresh crispy snacks before. Their Chilli & Lemon Potato Grills are great. But you don't see their products everywhere.

And I mustn't forget to tell you that these are suitable for vegans, and there are no artificial colours or preservatives. I wonder if lentil snacks are healthier for you than potato or maize based snacks? They probably are. At least until you break out the Pimm's.

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