Friday, 24 July 2015

Tyrrell's Hand Cooked English Crisps Mature Cheddar & Chive

This is the second packet of crisps bought by the Chef for his committee meeting. Good choice!

Of course, this is really yet another take on the traditional cheese and onion.

Anyhow, it's another very tasty crisp from Tyrrell's. Wonderfully cheesy. I mean, a truly cheesy taste. So many allegedly cheese-flavour crisps taste of I don't know quite what - but not cheese. This cheesy taste however... well, I shouldn't run round repeating myself too much.

The chive part of the taste is interesting though. If, as legend has it, the ingredients list goes from most of this (potatoes) to the smallest pinch of that (natural colour - paprika extract), then there is more onion and garlic in the recipe than chives. But Tyrrell's have done something to make the oniony/chiviness not too strong. Maybe it is to do with the chives. Who knows.

These potatoes are called Valora and were grown in Herefordshire. And hand cooked in small batches. Delicious.

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