Tuesday, 21 July 2015

M&S No Salt Hand Cooked Crisps

These crisps must be better for you than other crisps. I mean, there's nothing in this packet but potatoes. And some sunflower oil.

Handsome looking crisps. Nice crunch.

No salt, no sugar, no E numbers, no gluten, no preservatives, no nothing. And, from my point of view, no taste. I am really sorry but this packet of crisps doesn't taste of anything very much. And what is the point in that?

I get the idea. I really do. I just love taste. And I would rather eat less of something that tastes great than lots more of the healthier but boring option.

The senior taste tester bought these crisps. He said they were boring but OK if you're hungry. Not a tremendous accolade.

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