Saturday, 1 August 2015

Ten Acre Ambrose Popperley's Wasabi Popcorn

Noble friend produced another packet of Ten Acre popcorn from the local kosher deli. She must be their best customer. She had said she would buy the Wasabi flavour - and so she did.

Ten Acre has many flavours and they all come in beautifully designed packaging. Look at this rich green. Wonderful eh? And quite unusual in the world of crispy snacks.

Although. I have to say I was not mad about this popcorn flavour. I kept spotting the tall taste tester going back for more, and I'm sure others were also snacking quite enthusiastically, but I couldn't fancy it myself. Which is a shame.

When I opened the packet, the waft of Wasabi that leapt out was really quite off-putting. I don't know why. We've tried a number of Wasabi flavours lately so why?

Well, it could be that this Wasabi flavour doesn't appear to feature any actual wasabi. We've tried Wasabi popcorn recently made with genuine wasabi and made with horseradish. This flavour seems to be made, amongst other things (like rice flour - and what does that taste of we ask? ), of mustard. And I really don't like mustard as a main flavour. Or it could just be that I didn't fancy it.

So there we are. Not for me, but everyone else in the taste testing team seemed happy to put in a little snacking time.

And once again I'm a little dissatisfied with the green of this scan. The packet is a much prettier richer green than this. So search out this flavour popcorn for yourself, and see if you think I'm wrong about the taste.


  1. That is a really cute bag! The only experience I've had with wasabi was a recipe I tried once that called for it...I bought a little spice jar of it and I swear I couldn't smell or taste all! It was the strangest thing! So I can't even say if I like wasabi or not. hahaha....I still have no idea!

    1. Do you not eat Japanese food? I don't because I don't eat fish but most of my friends do, so they knew all about wasabi way before I did. But I think we have tried 4 different wasabi popcorns. Mostly the taste seems to be made of horse radish and/or mustard. I've got to say I could happily manage without trying it ever again.


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