Friday, 7 August 2015

Ritz Crisp & Thin Cream Cheese & Onion Flavour

I had seen these new Crisp & Thin crispy snacks from Ritz advertised on one of the many many commercial channels available these days. And then I saw them on sale at... you've guessed... a motorway service station.

Yup. Road trip! To Derbyshire this time. And another chance to patronise the ever fruitful shopping opportunity that is the motorway service station.

I poured this little 30g packet into a bowl at work and allowed the reluctant taste testers free rein.

I liked this crispy snack a lot. The taste testers liked them too. So much so that there were none left to take home for the Chef to try. I really should have saved a few.

This is a very nice crispy snack. Lovely light crunch, interesting slightly hexagonal shape, and a light cheesy oniony flavour. The cream cheese works very well and gives a softer more gentle flavour than cheddar. Or, as so often these days, mature cheddar.

There was much praise in the office for this new snack. We were all very impressed.

And because we'd gone to Derbyshire we visited the wonderful Haddon Hall again.

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