Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lay's Saveur Sel & Vinaigre

Another flavour from the French branch of crisp giant Lay's, although according to the packet these crisps are actually made in Belgium. The packet tells me the potatoes are washed, peeled, fried, seasoned and bagged up inside an hour. But since the potatoes seem to come from France and Germany as well as Belgium, we don't know how long it takes from field to bag.

What we do learn from the packet is that this is the number 1 selling flavour en Angleterre. This claim made under a Union Jack. Now I wonder is salt & vinegar the best selling crisp flavour in England? Or is it the best selling crisp flavour in the UK? I have no idea whether crisp statistics are broken down by country within the UK.

Not a bad version of salt & vinegar. Obviously salt & vinegar, but not too harsh. Although some crisps seem to taste stronger than others.

As usual with Lay's potato crisps, they are fairly fine cut and a nice golden colour. Not bad at all, but perhaps not a flavour I would normally choose for myself.

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