Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ritz Crisp & Thin Sea Salt & Vinegar Flavour

Here's another packet of crispy crunchy Crisp & Thin snacks from Ritz. And we liked these just as much as we liked the Cream Cheese & Onion flavour.

Everyone who tried these lovely light snacks said "vinegary" which is true. But after all, it does say vinegar on the packet. And it's not the far-too-strong-makes-your-tongue-curl-up style of vinegar, but a very acceptable tasty vinegary sharpness. And just the right amount of sea salt.

In fact Ritz (owned by Mondelez International, the American confectionery, food & beverage conglomerate) seem to have made all the right moves with this great new crispy snack.

Fine little biscuits rather than crisps, Crisp & Thins are made from a mix of potato flour, cornstarch, wheat flour and oat bran.

And very nice too. I would certainly put them on my shopping list - if I didn't have a mission to try as many different types of crispy snack as possible. But definitely one to try again.

Plus there are two more flavours to seek out. A treat in store.
And here are a few more photographs of the fabulous Haddon Hall where the garden makes great use of the lovely old stone walls. Worth a detour? No! Worth a special trip.

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