Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bret's Saveur Cheddar Oignon de Roscoff

What a great crisp flavour!

Basically this is a crinkle cut version of cheese and onion. And rarely have we tasted one so good.

The aroma on opening the packet  is fabulous. The taste is a wonderfully gentle cheese and onion. Yum! Top quality flavour.

Bret's tell us that Roscoff onions were a great success in England in the 19th centuary because they taste so good, and last so well. French "Johnnies" used to bicycle around England to sell onions until at least the 1970s. My mother used to buy onions from a Frenchman with a bike (although we never saw him ride it), but the Chef's mother definitely bought from bicycling Frenchmen.

And Bret's also tell us that these wonderful onions make a great culinary partner for Cheddar fromage au gout pronounce originaire de Somerset en Angleterre.

We think they're right. Although the Chef doesn't much care for crinkle cut crisps and would prefer the basic flat crispy shape. He thinks, and he's right really, that crinkle cut crisps have a harder crunch. And really and truly a lighter crunch would be better. More fabulous. In our opinion.

But still. A five star crisp.

And I know you are going to want to see the view from the restaurant where we had lunch on Friday. Stunning eh? This is Arolla in the Valais. Flowers courtesy of the Hotel Restaurant du Glacier. We had an Assiette Valaisanne and a cherry & edelweiss ice-cream! The mountain is Mont Collon.


  1. YUM! I want some! Thank you so much for visiting me Georgina! I am honored to see that my blog is on your short list! I am so pleased that you let me know that you stop by!

  2. p.s. I have to go find something to munch now ;)

    1. Yup these are really tasty! We have just driven through France on our way to and from Switzerland so there are many exciting crisps waiting to be tried. Visit again soon. G


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