Sunday, 6 September 2015

Walkers Quavers Cheese Flavour


What? I haven't written up Quavers before? And why not? Well, I don't know really.

After all, Quavers is a wonderful cheesy crispy snack. One of my favourites. One of the greats... So I suppose I thought I must have written about it already. But, as you can see, no amount of thinking that you've done something makes it so.

Quavers say "curly little things, Quavers, and no two are the same. Some twistier. Some that wrap around your tongue, but they're all crunchy and meaty, and pleasingly cheesy. So go on pop one in your mouth.. ".

Well, well, Quavers certainly are great. But interestingly I am pretty sure they used to be more yellowy. Considerably more yellowier. Perhaps in what is probably now technically known as "the olden days" the yellow colour was provided by an E number? Nowadays, of course, crisp colours are usually derived from paprika and that would explain why this week's Grab Bag of Quavers is not so yellowy but more pinky orange. I am not sure that the lack of E numbers has affected the taste.

And the taste remains very tasty. Lovely light crunch with just the same wonderful popping effect on the tongue that I remember. All those little bubbles...

And the packet has a great example of the little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly. I really love the way Walkers design a new character for all their different crispy snacks. Although I do also wonder how many of their customers are as nerdy as I am, and look eagerly to see what the little guy looks like this time!

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