Monday, 28 September 2015

Lay's Dégustation Sel de mer d'Anglesey

The reluctant taste testers and I were a bit baffled at this crisp flavour.

The bag seems to be pretty much the same as you get with Walkers Sensations in the UK. So I think that's what we have here. Even the texture of the bag is the same. But in French.

But the flavour... I mean, sea salt is a fine flavour for a crisp, but why oh why would the French want to flavour their crisps with sea salt from Anglesey? And, er, how exactly do you pronounce Anglesey in French?

For those of you not privy to the geography of Wales, Anglesey is an island off the North West coast of the country. The Romans called it Mona and wrote that it was inhabited by druids. Maybe it was. The Welsh call it Ynys Môn and in 2011 57% of the residents were Welsh speakers. Back in 1901 it was 90%.

Which doesn't help us answer the question why are the French using Welsh sea salt? Because goodness knows, France is stuffed with French salt.

These crisps are pretty good. The thick cut means they even sound different from ordinary crisps when you pour them into a bowl. Quite a hard crunch, but tasty. Just about the right amount of salt. Not a bad crisp at all.

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