Monday, 14 September 2015

Vico Chips Kettle Cooked Très Croustillantes Sel de Mer

So here we have a lovely old-fashioned sea salt flavour crisp. With the skin left on.  And kettle cooked.

Now I had often wondered exactly what "kettle cooked" meant, and this packet handily tells me. Because although it is a packet of French crisps (from France) it still says "kettle cooked" on the front. So... check out the *. Yes, the * points us to a strap at the bottom of the packet that tells us that kettle cooked means "cuisson façon chaudron: une cuisine douce et lente".

Which basically means these crisps are cooked in a cauldron [a technical term for a thing you cook crisps in], gently and slowly. So there we are.

And, don't forget that this is an extra crunchy crisp. But luckily not too crunchy. Just crunchy enough for us to appreciate the extra crunchiness, but not so crunchy that we think there is some sort of sinister plot afoot, and these crisps are aimed at men only.

So the reluctant taste testers approved these crisps. As did the Chef's family. We thought this very simple flavour was very nice. We all liked these crisps a lot.
And many thanks to the Chef who brought the packet upstairs so I could scan it when I had gone all the way to the kitchen to get it... and forgotten what I was there for. That sort of thing makes you feel so stupid but in fact I think it's all to do with going through doorways - I absolutely forget what I was going to do if I have to go through too many doorways. But yes, you've guessed it, that's probably just me.

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