Saturday, 26 September 2015

Walkers "Bring Me Back!" Lamb & Mint

I discovered the other day that this autumn Walkers are running a competition to bring back a discontinued flavour "Bring Me Back!".

Oh yes, said tech taste tester, he'd seen them in his local Sainsbury's. Well, I definitely had not seen them in our local Waitrose (which is a bit staid in its selection of crispy snacks) so I thought I had better take a trip to a larger supermarket.

However, the very next day tech taste tester turned up at work with two multipack bags containing all six "Bring Me Back!" flavours. A very generous gesture - although he did admit that these bags of crisps were on special offer.

So quite at random we opened this little 25g packet of Lamb & Mint flavour crisps.

And what did we think? The usual Walkers thin cut crisps with a good crunch and plenty of flavour dust. But... Not a very distinguished flavour. Sort of savoury, a little bit meaty-tasting perhaps, with a hint of minty aftertaste. So not really a taste of lamb at all.

No wonder though, because these crisps are suitable for vegetarians and thus no lamb at all is involved in the manufacture.

Not bad. Quite tasty. But I'm not sure this flavour deserves to be brought back.

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