Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Keogh's Irish Atlantic Sea Salt

The senior taste tester has just been to Dublin (for anyone struggling with geography, that's the capital of Ireland) where he tried and approved this packet of crisps. I didn't get to try the crisps (the packet was very empty) but the ex-contents of this packet smell pretty fabulous.

The Atlantic Sea Salt is handcrafted on the Beara Peninsular in West Cork by the O'Neill family. Pristine Oceanic Waters produce a pure Sea Salt Flake full of natural flavour says the packet.

And don't forget to activate Spud Nav™. Track your crisps back to the field they came from, just type the field name the tracker page of our website! Er... but I can't find the field name on the packet.

I can find the potato variety - Hermes - and they were cooked by Zintra, but call me dim - I can't find the field name. Nope. I looked on the website and my field name is missing. Sigh. I wanted to follow that up.

The reluctant taste testers and I have previously tried Keogh's Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar, and Keogh's Shamrock & Sour Cream. I think I probably got both bags from the handy "foreign food" section at Tesco in Finchley Central.

But this is a bag of Irish crisps bought and eaten in Ireland. And the senior taste tester recommends these crisps.

Give them a try if you can find them. I'll be checking Tesco's shortly.

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