Thursday, 24 September 2015

REAL Crisps Hand Cooked Sea Salt

This little packet of crisps appeared in my filing tray when I was away from work. Off sick, on holiday; I don't know because I wasn't there. And I also don't know what generous crisp fairy made the donation. But I greedily ate them all on my own.

Now, I've tried crisps from the Real Crisp Company before. I found them - no! not at a motorway service station in France - no, I found them at Geneva airport. Real Sea Salt & Black Pepper crisps were pretty good as I remember. And these Sea Salt crisps were pretty good too.

Meet Jake, says the packaging, a 'real' life salty sea dog. his father's ship. Born aboard his father's ship amid thick fog at high tide, he's never even touched dry land. He knows his granny from his sheepshank. This teller of tall tales is 108 years old but the salty sea air and mermaid kisses grant him his youthful appearance. It seems Jake is the character depicted on the front of the packet. Hmmnnn....

Pretty good plain salty crisps with the skin left on and a slightly harder crunch than the norm. I had no trouble finishing this 35g packet for my crunch at lunch. Very tasty.

I'm sure my last packet told me it was made by the Real Crisp Company in Wales. This packet says it is made by REAL Crisps Ltd in Northamptonshire. The company is owned (I think) by Tayto who are the big crisp company in Ireland. Things are always changing in the crisp market but... And it seems that quite half the links I clicked on to find out more don't work. So I'm not quite sure what to believe.

But they are quite tasty crisps.

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