Saturday, 19 September 2015

Co-op JaMaDu Croustades de Maïs

This is a terribly exciting initiative from the Swiss Co-op to provide healthy crispy snacks for children.

"Kids Expert Jury" it says on the front of the packet. And on the back it tells me that it is important that children eat a balanced diet and take part in regular physical activity which they enjoy (I love that bit: when I was a child you had to do sports whether you liked them or not. And mostly I didn't).

Anyway, with this in mind the Swiss Co-op launched the JaMaDu programme. And we are told that all JaMaDu products have been tested and recommended by children, parents, and experts.

Great idea. Most unfortunately the reluctant taste testers join me in thinking that this crispy snack tastes of nothing at all.

Which is pretty grim. Except that the tall taste tester thought this crispy snack tasted kind of fishy (he said "cod") which is sort of worse than tasting of nothing very much.

Most of us thought this caterpillar-shaped crispy snack tasted of nothing very much. The managerial taste tester (who doesn't usually comment) contributed this interesting fact: crispy snacks for small children don't taste of anything. And who better to comment? Managerial taste tester has a 2 year old son. And should be an expert.

Well, it was worth a try. And the idea of producing a crispy snack with 40% less fat seems pretty good. I guess the advice should be to introduce your child to healthy low-fat no-saltiness before they have any chance to try and appreciate what I think of as a normal yummy salty crispy snack.

Not sure why the Co-op chose a lemur to illustrate this snack. Especially a red ruffed lemur. It looks like an absolutely charming animal but why it should be promoting a crispy maize snack I do not know.

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