Friday, 18 September 2015

Bret's Les Natures Classiques

A lovely simple basic sea salt flavour crisp. Kindly contributed by noble friend who found them in Italy. Although they were made in Brittany.

Simple, tasty, nice light crunch, nothing fancy, nothing exciting. Just a nice basic crisp. I wonder if these are sold in Italy because the flavour is so simple - most of the crisps we have found in Italy have a light, uncomplicated flavour.

Somehow many of today's crisps are a little too fancy and it seems the real skill is producing a top quality flavour which isn't too over the top. And doesn't sound like something in the menu of a Michelin starred restaurant.

What we have here is a very nice sea salt flavour. Sea Salt from Brittany (obviously). Nothing fancy though. And the reluctant taste testers and I liked this pleasant little crisp a lot.

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