Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Kent Crisps Sea Salt & Vinegar with Biddenden Cider

This was an exciting find on the P&O cross channel ferry last week. I think it was the Pride of France. Maybe?

And huge thanks to the lovely Maggie who allowed me to buy this packet despite the fact that the tills were already closed. Basically I blackmailed her into it: I said (with a sob in my voice) "but I didn't know you sold these great crisps and I've never seen them before... and I write a blog about crisps" and she gave in and sold me this little 40g packet.

There were other flavours on sale but I grabbed the first bag that met my hand. And since the tills were closed and I was on borrowed time I didn't think it was appropriate to start reading all the different packets. Plus I didn't have all that much UK money in my purse and maybe trying to pay in Euros might be pushing it.

Maggie did tell me that you can buy these crisps in Tesco. But I have a feeling that's Tesco in Dover and not Tesco Finchley Central. I haven't yet had the chance to check but I would be quite surprised to find them on sale in North London.

This is a lovely fine cut crisp with a nice clean crunch. And a really quite sharp taste. Not only do we have sea salt & vinegar, but also the addition of Biddenden cider. The packet says that Julian from Biddenden Vineyards believes we have created a truly mouthwatering crisp. Which I guess is pretty much the case; with the sharpness of the vinegar and the Biddenden cider it would probably be hard not to create a mouthwatering crisp.

I would be interested to try another flavour from Kent Crisps. This seems like a product from a company determined to produce a good product.

Nice packaging design too.
Update: the Chef doesn't even like salt & vinegar crisps but he finished the packet all by himself.

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