Sunday, 27 September 2015

Joe & Seph's Strawberries & Cream Popcorn

Noble friend brought Joe & Seph's Thai Style Peanut Satay Popcorn into the office. Not everyone was a fan, but some of the reluctant taste testers loved it. And then we tried Caramel & Sea Salt which we all loved.

I checked out the website and chose a number of interesting sounding flavours. And here is the Strawberries & Cream packet.

On opening the packet you get a great big aroma of strawberry. And the popcorn, although partly popcorn coloured, is also pink. In fact, strawberry coloured.

And, sort of bizarrely, this popcorn does kind of taste of strawberries and cream. Although when extremely sceptical taste tester told me she liked the flavour - but what was it? I told her and she said (and I quote) "eugh! that really puts me off". Well, what can you do? She is picky.

Quite a lot of this popcorn was eaten by the reluctant taste testers even though, as one of them admitted, she didn't really like it that much. And I know what she meant. The taste is strawberries and cream. Hurrah! They got that right. But that doesn't necessarily make it a good flavour for popcorn.
Plus, and I've not mentioned it before but now I feel I must, this popcorn features a lot of those nasty hard shiny bits of corn-skin that a really good popcorn doesn't bother you with. Really high quality popcorn only has the lovely cloudy popped kernels. Not so good popcorn? Well, there's the un-popped kernel and then the nasty shiny bits - like beetle wings.
I have to admit we tried this popcorn on an autumn day not a summer's day but I don't think that substantially affected the way we all felt about it. It's possible that someone may have to consider which hats to eat.

But hey! Don't pay any attention to what the reluctant taste testers and I thought. The Chef finished the packet with enthusiasm. He liked this popcorn and would have eaten more.

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