Sunday, 20 September 2015

Casino Boules Goût Fromage

I did hope that this little crispy, croustillante, snack would have a squishy cheesy middle. But sadly not.

Basically what we have here is a small ball-shaped version of a Cheesy Whotsit. Only not quite so tasty.

Not a bad little cheesy snack; crunchy, cheesy, easy to pop into your mouth. Quite tasty too. Rather good with a glass of something chilled I expect, and indeed the packet does suggest serving Boules to your friends with an aperitif.

But this is nothing like so fabulous as the all time best ever (in my opinion) M&S Full On Cheese Tasters. Which is basically a clone of the original Cheesy Whotsit but even tastier (in fact, it's so good I have decided to add it to my list of very favourite crispy snacks).

However, we mustn't forget that this is an own-brand snack; produced by French supermarket chain Casino. And own-brand snacks are sometimes not everything one would hope for. Of course I found it at a motorway service station, where Casino runs the shop.

The serving suggestion is a little odd; who serves a crispy snack in martini glass? Perhaps more to the point, who needs a serving suggestion for a crispy snack?

Not bad at all. Just not tremendously special.
And I'm also posting this picture of a wall in the Swiss town of Thun. Not for any good reason, but because my computer chose it completely at random and offered it as a substitute for the pack shot. Computers, eh? But it is a rather fabulous wall in the old part of Thun where the shops are built in a sort of double decker arrangement; upstairs and down. I love the geranium plant poking out of the tiny window.

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