Monday, 21 September 2015

Lay's Édition Limitée Saveur Sandwich Parisien

What? A limited edition crisp called Parisian Sandwich? Now there's a thing: I had no idea there was such a creature as a Parisian Sandwich.

Evidently I haven't been paying attention. Well, OK, let's be honest here. I haven't visited Paris since 1988 (it was during the Seoul Olympics), and that was only to change trains. My last proper visit was probably about 1980. So perhaps I've just failed to notice (or totally forgotten) that the people of Paris have a passion for ham sandwiches. Did you know?

I took this packet of crisps to work and all the reluctant taste testers were a bit surprised at the flavour. And then even more surprised that the taste is indeed ham sandwich.

The packaging tells me that Le sandwich Parisien (jambon-beurre) est un sandwich emblématique de la région Parisienne! Ham and butter, eh? I almost always start a sandwich with bread and butter. Perhaps this isn't the norm in France.

As I say, the reluctant taste testers and I were amazed that these crisps really do taste of ham sandwich. Tall elegant taste tester was particularly impressed. Some of us felt it was perhaps a ham and cheese sandwich but I can only attribute this to the butter part of the flavour as there is nothing in the ingredients to indicate cheese. The Chef and the Ski Instructor liked them too.

Very impressive use of materials to create a rather improbable sounding flavour. The best equivalent flavour I can think of is the M&S Reduced Fat Buttered Baked Potato crisp.

This is a limited edition crisp so if you happen to be in France grab them while you can.

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