Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Belin Monaco à l'Emmental

This little 55g box of cheesy biscuits came (you've already guessed, I'm sure) from a French motorway service station.

It's a tiny little box of tiny little salty biscuits strewn with grated cheese and baked to extreme crispiness. And very good too. I could have eaten the whole box with no difficulty at all. The difficulty is stopping eating them: they are so small and so tasty that one is not enough.

But I bravely stopped snacking and gave the rest of the box to the Chef. He had been looking forward to trying this crispy biscuit.

The packaging says Monaco, le roi du fromage chez les Crackers Belin. Which confused me because it sounds as though Monaco is a kind of cheese. Well, there is a kind of cheese called Provolone del Monaco but Belin don't use it to make these little biscuits. So I'm guessing that Monaco is the style of biscuitty snack. And the biscuit is the king of cheese? I'm really not sure.

I tried looking for a helpful Belin website and couldn't find one. There is a Facebook page Apéro Belin but that really doesn't tell you much.

What I can say is that these little biscuits are not tremendously fabulous and not super exciting. But they are extremely moreish and if you try one you will want another. Because they are good.

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