Wednesday, 25 November 2015

TUC Cheese Sandwich

I absolutely adore these cheese sandwiches from TUC.

The TUC crackers are pretty good on their own; very good crunch, nice golden colour, 18 little holes on the glossy top side and chamfered corners. And a great sprinkling of salt. Very nice indeed.

But two crackers sandwiched together with a cheesy paste? Well, it's true genius.

Of course, the cheesy paste is 100% fake food. Cheesy something squished to a tasty smush. And paired with the salty crunch of the TUC crackers... it's genius. Again.

But it's probably best not to enquire into the ingredients too closely. Suffice it to say there are three different vegetable oils listed but only 5% dried cheese, and also glucose syrup. Despite the website listed on the packaging I conclude that this is not a healthy crispy snack.

But I knew that.

TUC crackers seem to be made by Jacobs Bakery based in the fabulously named Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire (I've always thought it was a great name for a place) in England (so British). But TUC is a registered trade mark of General Biscuits Belgie SA (and therefore Belgian), and seems also to be a registered trademark of United Biscuits (UK) Limited (and thus British). Confused? I am.

But whoever makes this crispy crunchy cheesy snack I don't care. It's terrifically tasty and seriously good. Yum!

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