Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tesco Finest Feature Flavour Smoky Braised Ribs & Ancho Chilli

Well, there's certainly a lot of flavour dust on these crisps. Unfortunately it is not entirely clear to me, nor to the reluctant taste testers, what the flavour dust actually tastes of.

As so often with Tesco crisps these are quite large, nicely cooked and with a great crunch. But aside from the smoky flavour and the chilli heat I think that none of us was able to identify a taste of braised ribs. Or any kind of ribs.

Actually I am somewhat at a disadvantage because I've never eaten ribs so I don't know what they taste of. But let's take a stab in the dark and imagine probably vaguely meaty?

The aroma is mostly barbecue and the ingredients include West Country beef extract; maybe that explains the marmite/bovril taste. And then there's carob flour. Now carob is a chocolate substitute so what is it doing here?

Not sure we could identify the meatiness. Not sure I would really recommend them.

Is it just me over-thinking things or is there a hint of desperation in the flavour development departments these days? I get it when they bring out a fancy version of, say, cheese & onion with a named cheese and red onions or chives (it'll be leeks next I dare say) and I get it when I try a crisp flavoured with tomato ketchup or actual marmite. I don't really get it when the crisp flavour seems like a whole dinner. Or, as I'm sure I have said before, like something on a menu in a restaurant. 


  1. Smokey Braised Farm Fed West Country Raised Beef Ribs etc etc . The titles last longer than the memory of the crisps. I am all for reintroducing potatoes flavoured crisps.

  2. I know! So many crisps these days don't have a favour for a flavour, they have a whole 3 page banquet recipe for a flavour.
    This doesn't seem right.
    How are you?


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