Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cofresh Hot Chilli Flavour Potato Spirals

What a fun crispy snack this is from Indian style snack specialists Cofresh.

I always enjoy an interesting shape and these spirals are certainly an interesting shape. With a terrific chilli taste - not sweet chilli which doesn't really work for me but seems amazingly popular as a flavour these days - but simple chilli heat. Think Hoola Hoops but spiral shaped and with a much more grown up taste.

I liked this crispy crunchy snack so much I can't think of a vast amount to say. Weirdly I usually find miles more to say about the crisps I don't like. Extra weirdly my posts about crisps I don't like are usually far more popular than the posts about my favourites. So not many crisp fans will read this.

But I'll say it again; I liked this crispy crunchy snack a lot.

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