Saturday, 28 November 2015

M&S Thai Green Curry Sticky Rice Chips

Here is another packet of crisps selected by the history graduate taste tester. Another packet of "complete dinner flavour" crisps. Thai green curry - I guess that's a flavour - but sticky rice? Surely that's rather more a texture than a flavour?

Does sticky rice taste appreciably different from any other kind of rice (obviously discounting any flavouring which might be added to the rice)? Not being an aficionado of Thai food I can't answer that. But I can report that the taste testers were dubious about sticky rice as a flavour. History graduate taste tester says he usually has jasmine rice anyway.

Having said all that, we quite liked this crispy snack. Quite tasty.

Quite a pleasant light curry taste. But I can't say that I noticed the baked in rice grains. I guess maybe I wasn't expecting that until - too late - I read the packet. The chips are made with rice flour and maize flour, so why the extra rice I wonder?

As so often with a shaped snack there seem to be more broken bits in the packet than you get with a packet of crisps. Or perhaps with a shaped snack the breakages seem to matter more. I'm not sure why but that does seem to be the case.

Pretty green packaging.

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