Sunday, 22 November 2015

Migros Jumpy's Sour Cream

Here's a new flavour of the fabulous kangaroo-shaped crispy snack from Germany. And I only just noticed it isn't spelled Jumpys but Jumpy's. And oh no! I failed to photograph them.

Oh well. That's not the end of the world. You can see roughly what they look like here in my 2013 first encounter with Jumpys. Except add in a sprinkling of little herby bits on each tiny kangaroo. There are some larger than life images on the packaging too.

If we buy them again I can add a photograph later.

And in fact it was quite interesting looking back. Because the first packet of Jumpys doesn't have an  apostrophe. I wonder why that was changed? Plus, that crispy snack was made by Chio. These Jumpy's today seem to be made by Migros.

So Migros is a Swiss (and French) supermarket chain but I can't discover this product on their website. And in any case I'm pretty sure this packet was bought at a Co-op (which is a different Swiss supermarket). Truly the world of crispy snacks can be confusing at times.

Der Kartoffel-Snack mit Sauerrahm-Geschmack, der auf der Zunge hüpft! The sour cream flavoured potato snack that jumps on your tongue! And despite being made in Germany the packet features all the info you need in German, French and Italian; all the major Swiss languages.

Very tasty for a miniature kangaroo-shaped snack although I think I prefer the original Sunny Paprika flavour.

Oh look at that. The Chef just admitted to having a small stash of Jumpy's. So here's the photograph. Each little kangaroo is about 25 x 27 mm (toe to tail x height). That's about an inch not at all square.

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